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For generations the Mechtler -family has been in possession of their farm, which was continually enlarged, especially since Mechtler GesmbH-Manager Manfred Mechtler started it´s management.

As a very innovative and independent thinking young farmer, he soon thought about seeking new sales opportunities for the agricultural products he was growing, and so together with his wife Anita the commercial company "Anita Mechtler" was founded in 1996.
The main focus of this company is concentrated on the production and the marketing and trading with agricultural products like crops, seeds, fertilizers, and all different types of agricultural goods.  In addition to this business, the company also is producing and marketing it´s own beer brand called „Stefans Spezialbier“.

In 1996 the second company “Mechtler GesmbH” was established for dealing with all different commercial products, but also concentrated into the agricultural business.
The product range is very wide (agricultural products and various commodities in agriculture).

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After completion of their school education in 2011, both the children Marina and Markus have started working in the company and farm of their parents.

2011: The grain-warehouse in Mistelbach is purchased.
2012: Installation of a new grain drying system in the silo Ernstbrunn.
2013: a new fire alarm system in the silo Ernstbrunn is installed, based on the latest standards of technology. Now this silo location is upgraded to excellent fire resistance, it is currently at the highest possibel level of fire protection.
2013: To improve the quality of grain processing a Bühler-Sortex optical sorter is installed.
2013: the property management of the company “Anita Mechtler” starts the renovation of the silo associated rental house in Ernstbrunn , in order to comprehensive thermal renovation of the included eight accomodations .
(Replacement of all windows, facade thermal insulation, total remodaling of 3 apartments).


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